Top Underrated Indian Handicrafts Which Will Rule The Global Market

Art is not just a handicraft, but a reflection of the feelings of an artist. Handicrafts reflect the diverse culture, heritage & creativity of a country and its artists. The crafts in a diverse country like India date back to ancient times & have produced the best artisans in the world. Indian Artisans have helped Indian handicrafts to gain fame around the globe but still, some crafts are underrated and deserve global recognition. The recognition of these crafts globally will do justice to the artisans’ unwavering determination and unique adeptness.

The aesthetic element of these crafts is a paramount aspect of their worth & it attracts a lot of recognition. Rural India especially, showcases the diversity of Indian handicrafts. In the next few minutes through this article, we will guide you through India’s untapped handicraft potential such as pottery, clay art, embroidery, block printing, and many more! These craft forms have always been an integral part of Indian Culture & they will not only attract people from across the world but will also bring out the multifaceted tradition and culture of India.

All the artforms mentioned in this article have been handpicked by the experts & enthusiasts of the Crafts Industry by precisely monitoring these trends, coupled with analysis of the market, both at Indian and global levels. We aim to provide the deserving exposure to Indigenous craft forms and boost craftsmanship.



India’s pottery is an impeccable mixture of ancient designs that pave the way for contemporary practices and is practised across the country. If you visit rural areas, we get to know the economic importance of this craft. From home decoration to the celebration of festivals; the importance of this art speaks volumes. It being ubiquitous, provides a lot of variety to the consumers.

One must always notice the visual message & the diverse culture of the country the art of pottery reflect. As the trend suggests nowadays, people all over the globe are getting pulled towards organic and carbon-free products. It is most likely that Indian pottery will gain its glory and land on the global market.



The clay art holds a prominent place in mainland India. The accessibility of clay all over the country makes artisans more drawn to this art. It has a religious significance in Indian history as many of the artifacts created during the inception of civilization were of clay. Since then, it has gained prominence. The moldability of clay provides the artisans with a plethora of creative endeavours. The clay sculptures reflect the rich diversity & history of India.

Yet, it has still stood away from commercial outlets and has not gained the required prominence globally. But seeing the various Indian festivals gain global prominence by using sculptures of gods on such occasions, hopefully, allows this artform to gain the necessary attention that it deserves.



Embroidery is an art form of India that Indian women fervently participate in. Be it rural or urban, women from both walks of life love doing it and is most prominent in Northern India. People from different communities reflect their culture through motifs in the embroidery which shows the interest & love for this art form among the variety of communities.

Such is the eminence of this art. Even renowned designers can not hold themselves back from using these motifs in various shows.

Despite being the treasure of India, it is yet to herald its way to the global market. With the constant recognition and support, it may surely land in worldwide markets & gain love from consumers worldwide.



This art has been practised in India from the olden days. This art is used in hand blocking patterns on clothes, wood, and metals. It is a perfect example of perfection as it needs focus as well as precise hand-eye coordination. This is a strenuous process but the final products come out as a beautiful masterpiece.

Tourists from around the globe have loved and learned this art form. Unfortunately, this masterpiece is yet to catch the eye at the global level & worldwide recognition will give justice to the impeccability of the artisans.



The paintings of India give the flavour of its multifaceted culture. It has always reflected the liveliness and vivification of its diverse culture and ethnicity. It projects the beliefs, values, and spirituality of the ancient culture of India. Being a nation of diversified cultures, India provides a wide range of paintings from all walks and corners of the country.

The love for paintings has increased dramatically in recent times as people became more intrigued to learn about the rich ancient culture of India. Unfortunately, it has not reached people globally. But, with times changing and social media being a key to disseminating any information, we will be seeing unprecedented demand in the coming years.



Toys are one of the oldest traditional handicrafts in India. It dates back to the inception of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. Our ancestors have kept this craft alive and are continuously trying to depict stories of our epics through them. Almost every state in India has its own artistic process in making toys & we see cut-throat competition within these communities. Just imagine these artisans who at one moment sit idle, and the next moment make something remarkable from clay and wood, making this an incredible artform. Promoting such a unique piece of art worldwide will not only encourage toy making but also disseminate the adeptness of Indian artisans globally.



Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly crafting materials that are used in India. In Eastern India to be precise, the bamboo artform is extremely prominent. Many small decorative things made of bamboo make space for themselves in houses across India. The products of bamboo are extremely useful as they fulfill the small necessities like storage, image frames, etc.

The inclination towards bamboo is quickly increasing because they grow faster as compared to other plants and they hardly adulterate the environment. These crafts have less weight and can often be carried to other places without any extra arrangements. This makes bamboo the first choice of people who are fond of indigenous crafts as well as minimalism.

As climate change is the hot chatter these days, Bamboo crafts are all set to throttle with their fast growth speed as well as the cheap affordable price, to capture the attention en masse and the global market at an  exponential rate.



Stones craft never went out of vogue. Since the era of the Mughals, it has been one of the prominent crafts. From building the gigantic and beautiful Taj Mahal to making intricately carved sculptures, stone crafts has come a long way. Artisans of Rajasthan and Agra are majorly involved in this art form & they give the indigenous touch to this in an appealing manner. The eye-catching carving reflects the indulgence of the artisans in making this art. Tourists visiting the country unfailingly visit these places and purchase these masterpieces to add to their collection. These crafts make a home shine and attract the recognition of visitors. Yet, globally it is in the rudimentary stage of fame. But tables are prepared to turn, as the stonecrafts are polished and prepared to showcase the beauty, talent of Indian craftsmen & the extensive diverse culture of India in the global market.



The leathercrafts of India is an impeccable amalgamation of style and tradition. This art initially began with the rural and tribal people of the country. But, since then it has been in persistent evolution. Presently it is the most celebrated art form in India. It produces a vibrant range of articles for day-to-day use like leather covers, shoes, bags, lampshades, etc. The intricate embroidery done on these articles magnifies its beauty and makes a great combination. The best part about this art is that the cost of articles varies from cheap to costly which makes it viable for every consumer to buy them. If this craft lands in the global market it will surely catch the sights of millions.



India is surrounded by water bodies from all sides, providing the opportunity for shell crafts to prosper. Shells are like a gift to humankind by god. Shell crafts being one of the most demandable artforms, keeps artisans involved in creating something out of the box. It is less known to people outside the country because of less popularisation on the global stage and people being more pulled towards other crafts. We are surely missing something unique by not paying heed to this art form. Once people outside the country get access to these, they will want to know more about this craft and buy it more.

These Indian crafts are of extreme value and manifest the evolutionary tradition of the country. Anciently these exclusive crafts were in great demand worldwide and were exported to far-off nations like Europe, Africa, and West Asia via the silk route. But, with growing technology and industry, people are gradually drifting away from the traditional crafts leading to the shifting of artisans to other income methods. So, to keep this ancient practice manifest worldwide, we all need to pay heed to this dwindling craftsmanship and connect these people globally so that it outshines again and reaches out to global customers.

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