Handicrafts Decorative Items

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Indian handicrafts products are renowned worldwide for their unique designs and craftsmanship. The products have been acknowledged and admired by people in different parts of the world. These products have a specific segment of customers who have a preference for handicrafts items to be used for home decorations purposes. The handcrafted decoration items enhance the ambiance of the home and reflect the culture and style. There has been a steady demand for such products in foreign countries which facilitates the export of such products and helps in generating a substantial amount of revenue from foreign countries. It also implies recognition for India’s rich culture and heritage in other countries. Special home décor items can create a sense of calm and belongingness in the environment. People pay special attention to selecting items for home decoration to create charming and comfortable surroundings that match their style.

Demand for Home Decor products

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The home décor products are mainly decorative items and showpieces that form a major part of the handicraft items. These products are considered exclusive as they are prepared by artisans using highly technical craftsmanship and artistic skills. This makes the home décor a popular choice among customers all over the world. A huge segment of people in the country as well as living abroad have a fascination for such handcrafted home décor items to decorate their homes or commercial places. The natural and organic raw materials used in the products also make them a preferred choice considering the health and hygiene aspects. The Indian home décor products have maintained rich quality and design standards for several years through traditional skills and craftsmanship. The manufacturers are continuously applying innovative techniques to make handicraft items more attractive and suitable for home decoration.

Trends in Home Decor Items

Trends in Home Décor Items

Handicrafts home décor products are exclusive handmade items made by artisans in different parts of the country and represent the traditional, cultural, and artistic values of that region. The home décor products are the result of dedicated efforts and traditionally owned skills that make them so exclusive. Each type of item is unique in its own way and is acknowledged by people of different cultures, lifestyles, and fashion trends. The aesthetic and decorative values of the products are considered to be very high which makes them so popular. Certain groups of people are willing to invest in special and high-quality handicrafts products for home decoration purposes that have increased the demand for such products in recent times. The use of handmade décor accessories in homes, offices, restaurants as well as in social functions is gradually increasing. There are a few handicraft home décor products that become a world trend in 2022. A brief description of each of them is given below.

Artwork and Paintings

Artworks and paintings are special types of items that make the room look much more lively and cheerful. The artworks often carry the symbol of the culture and heritage of respective regions. The paintings are made on canvas, boards, and cloths that give them different looks and suit the preference of different types of customers. The uniqueness of this type of painting is that they are made mostly with natural colors. Madhubani paintings of India use turmeric to get yellow color, blue is obtained from indigo, red and other colors are obtained from various flower extracts and many other natural raw materials. The paintings are based on nature, mythology, and local culture and people select them carefully as home decors to enhance the ambiance of their interiors.  

Artistic Metal and Wooden Wares

Artistic Metal and Wooden Wares

Craft items made from metals and wood are becoming trendy for home decorations and are widely acknowledged by customers. The artistic metallic home décor items are made from metals like iron, silver, bronze, brass, and copper. Each type has its special texture and appearance. The products include idols, statues, vases, wall hangers, photo frames, and many other items that can be used for decorative purposes at home. The intricate designs and attractive finishing make these home decor items a very popular choice in the domestic and global market. The small items have very precise designs that reflect high craftsmanship. There are larger structures as well that suits the space requirements of the home. The wooden craft items are lightweight, have attractive colors and designs, and are easy to handle and maintain. The precision and design details of such items are widely appreciated and preferred by people for home decoration.

Showpieces and Wall Decors

Showpieces and Wall Decors

The decorative items in the home carry a reflection of someone’s tastes, personality, and choice. People go for the products and showpieces that align with their style and trends. There are numerous showpiece items that can enhance the ambiance of the home to a great extent if suitably placed. There is a range of products with colorful and fascinating designs. Artisans carefully select different types of raw materials and then use them to prepare such attractive and beautifully designed items. It involves a lot of time and effort to create such specialized products. The items can be of different sizes and patterns that suit the interiors of the home most effectively. A large size showpiece can make a centerpiece in the room whereas small size items can be used as complementary accessories to the home décor. These showpieces are appreciated by people worldwide and have gained good commercial value over the years. The basic art form has been developed over the years through practice and innovation to suit the demand of customers.

Earthen wares and Pottery

Earthen wares and Pottery

Earthen wares and clay-made potteries are specialized items that are made by skilled artisans in different parts of India. The uniqueness of these items is the special type of clay used and the painting that is made with natural colors. The product designs cover a wide range from traditional to contemporary that matches the style of different customers that they want to display in the home. The products have terracotta finishes; they are hard and durable and decorated with fascinating paintings. The result is a product that symbolizes creativity, workmanship, and artistic sense. People engaged in this activity have acquired the skill of crafting and painting through the generations. The talent and hard work make these products so exclusive that are worth being used for decoration at home. 



Furnishings contribute significantly to the home decoration and add new looks to the interiors. Be it the bedroom, living room, kids room, or balcony; the selective products can blend well along with your home. The stylish furnishings for home interiors can change the appearance of the room positively. These products are the result of skilled and excellent workmanship using various types of raw materials. Some of them are prepared using hand-woven fibers of plant products like bamboo and cane. The use of bamboo fibers for weaving and crafting requires special skills and talent which is available in some specific parts of the country. The products not only have exclusive designs but are also very durable. These products are becoming quite popular as home décor items due to their long-lasting and easy-to-clean features. These home décor furnishings are available in a variety of shapes and designs and are widely acknowledged by customers for their suitability as home décor items.

Product Showcase On The Online Platform

Today’s dynamic business environment requires access to updated technology to become competitive and successful. There has been more focus on the online channels for marketing and branding of products to ensure engagement of more customers across the globe. Craftezy is one of the leading online platforms that help sellers to showcase their products in a professional way for better customer response. In this platform, the customers can get to see a large collection of home decor products that complement their different styles and taste. Craftezy basically provides a virtual shop for customers with product features and prices and makes it convenient for them to visit, choose, compare, and finalize the home décor items that best suits their requirements. This is an effective business platform that can help Indian home decor manufacturers to build a wider customer base and grow their businesses.


Home décor items cover a range of products with a variety of designs, colors, and structures that make a home good-looking, cool, and welcoming. These accessories reflect one’s culture, taste, and lifestyle. It’s the items in the home that distinguish you from others and make you feel satisfied. There are a huge variety of Indian home décor products which are special in terms of the raw material used, creative designs, and workmanship. A large section of people has a preference to decorate their homes with these exclusive and uniquely designed products. The handicrafts industry is decentralized and labor-intensive and it is very essential to improve the customer base for the industry to flourish and generate profitability. Reaching a wider range of customers at the domestic and international level, the popularity of Indian handicraft products will increase and help to generate more revenue and employment opportunities.

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