Top Indian Handicraft Products

The Indian handicraft industry is booming. Handicrafts have been traded and bought across borders and you can find plenty of designs, patterns, materials. According to the stats shared by Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), India’s handicraft exports have risen to US$ 730 million in 2012-13 from US$ 640 million in 2011-12. Indian handicraft items are popular for their authenticity worldwide but a lot more can be done technically to promote exports.  The following is a listicle containing some of the top Indian handicraft products ruling the US market:

1) Carpets & Rugs

Carpets & Rugs

The carpets and rugs produced by India’s leading weavers attract huge demand from all around the globe. You can find different carpets and rugs made from silk, cotton, wool, and jute. The age-old art of weaving has evolved a lot, with several new designs added every other day. Contemporary patterns are trending now, which are also used to create rugs of different shapes and sizes. The Kashmir shawl has always been a hot favorite that is manufactured all over the country. Also, carpets made from paper have started grabbing the attention of several buyers these days, being an eco-friendly alternative.

2) Clothing & Accessories

Clothing & Accessories

The Indian handicraft stores have a huge collection of clothing and accessories that are stylish and comfortable to wear during summers. The vivid colors add an amazing look to your ethnic outfits, while the design patterns add glamour to your boring wardrobe. Modern women prefer kurtas, which have become a popular fashion trend worldwide. Several fabrics make clothing and accessories such as cotton, silk, net, georgette, etc. The brocade fabric is also very popular in stores; the accessories include jewelry, purses, sandalwood soaps, and fragrances.

3) Wooden Crafts

Wooden Crafts

India is famed for its culture and crafts, and these wooden handicraft home decorations are the most popular in India. Wooden handicrafts are popular in the US due to their aesthetic value. India contains several tree species. These trees are utilized to make wooden handicrafts. Indian woodcrafts are noted for their beauty and functionality. You can find various items in wood handicrafts, starting from wall hangings, photo frames, vases to artificial plants, and decorative boxes. 

Many bamboo, Sheesham, Alpine are used. Beautiful toys and ornamental vases are made with wood. Crafted from wood, these products are unique in their way as they use vibrant colors and intricate designs to create some real eye-catching pieces. The artisans are inspired by the culture and architecture of India, which they use to produce some amazing wooden pieces.

4) Home Decor & Accessories

Home Decor & Accessories

The Indian handicraft stores have huge home decor and accessories that add a traditional look to your modern homes. The creative designs will make you fall in love with these products from first sight itself. All you need is to match them with your interiors according to color, theme, and size. The popular handicraft items include wall hangings, photo frames of wooden and metal, statues of stone and marble, decorative lamps, artistic vases made from various types of stones, artificial plants in baskets or pots, etc.

5) Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery Boxes

India has always been a hub for jewelry, but business flourished even more after the foreign market was opened for them. The handicraft stores sell beads of different sizes, shapes, and colors to create exquisite jewelry. You can find traditional jewelry items like necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets in silver or gold plating. Also available are artificial diamond-studded sets with pearl drops or pearls. 

Jewelry boxes made from brass, leather, bone, and metallic materials are available at reasonable rates, making them highly popular among ladies who cannot resist their attraction towards beautiful jewelry boxes. Different sizes are available for boxes placed at your dressing table, bedroom, or study. You will also find them in the form of bags, pouches, and other portable containers to carry your precious jewels without damaging them.

6) Bags & Luggage

Bags & Luggage

Bags and luggage have always been favorite Indian handicraft products because of their unique designs made from different materials, including leather, tin sheet, paper mache, jute, etc. The ease with which you can carry these heavy bags makes them ideal choices during festivals or long trips. Also, there are various styles to choose from, depending on your taste. One of the most famous is Lacquerware Boxes made from raw materials like paper, bamboo, and metal, which adds extra glamour to your already gorgeous outfit.

It is important to choose eco-friendly products for bags and luggage items. Because their innovative designs do not involve hazardous chemicals, bags and luggage manufactured in India are ecologically benign.

7) Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture

For ages, wooden furniture has been preferred by people because of its bright color, durability, and lightweight nature. The Indian handicraft stores have a variety of wood-crafted pieces, including chairs, cabinets & racks, footstools, etc. You may also add lovely wood bed frames to your bedroom to make it more romantic. They add a traditional touch and enhance the ambiance of a room with their royal designs and glossy appearance.

Indian wood is a sturdy natural material and doesn’t wear out easily. It also remains unaffected by changes in temperature & humidity levels, allowing you to keep your wooden furniture pieces outdoors for a long time. Wooden furniture made in India is easy to maintain and refinish when required. You can use some oil or polish on them from time to time, making them shine brightly in the sunlight.

8) Metal Crafts

Metal Crafts

Metal crafts have always been one of the most famous Indian handicraft products due to their stunning designs and being environment-friendly. The brass items, including tea light holders, candle stands, and vases, add a royal look to your home, while copper accessories like candle stands and pen holders make an ideal choice for gifting purposes. Various metal handicraft items include glass and wooden photo frames, steel serving trays and bowls, etc. They can be combined with your interiors to give a traditional touch so that you feel the presence of Indian art in your home. 

You can also present these items to your near and dear ones, as they are classy and durable. You can find metal handicrafts in various shapes like animal figures, peacock figures, elephants, flowers, masks of Indian gods, etc., which you can use as wall décor or hanging decorative pieces. 

The feature that makes them distinct is their lightweight yet sturdy nature due to good quality alloy metals like brass and copper. You will not need any additional care once you install them at your place. These products work better than others in kitchens & dining areas for holding utensils and serving food.

9) Wood Carvings

Wood Carvings

The Indian handicraft stores have several wood carvings that will enhance the beauty of your rooms with their elegant designs. You will find them in various forms, such as figurines depicting Lord Krishna, tribal women, or monks, which add that exotic touch to the décor of your living room. Apart from this, you can also give a new look to your portable mirror using these beautiful wooden carvings on it. They will add glamour to your dressing table and give an artistic look to the room. You can creatively decorate with several other items, such as candle stands and pen holders.

These carvings have been an integral part of Indian culture since time immemorial. They have given a new dimension to the history of India with their distinctive artistic touch. Indian artisans use these refined carvings in various forms, be it paintings or sculptures or decorative pieces for home décor. Carved furniture is really popular in most Indian homes.

Skilled artisans use many different types of wood to make these exquisite wooden carvings which provide infinite scope for creativity. Most people prefer to work on teak wood because they believe it has a long life.

10) Beads & Jewelry Items

Beads & Jewelry Items

Beads get exported to the US market, where they make handmade jewelry. Earlier, Indian beads were not so popular among American buyers, but now, with new designs and exclusive beadwork, Indian beads have become trendy among Americans who love to wear handmade unique looking Indian bracelets, necklaces & other pieces of jewelry. The craftsmanship of Indians has helped them earn a good name when it comes to beading items over the years.

The Indian handicraft stores provide a wide choice of handmade goods at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank.

You can select from various categories, including wooden, bone, metal, glass & beadwork, to make those rooms look more vibrant with colorful accents. So go ahead and purchase these amazing items to give your interiors an ethnic touch!

Online Selling Channels

People have started purchasing Indian handicrafts online via different online selling portals with advancements in technology. They find these portals much easier for buying desired items than the traditional market. There are several online resources to buy Indian handicrafts, but among all of them, craftezy is one popular selling portal for Indian handicraft items that offer an amazing range to choose from.

Craftezy is the best place to purchase authentic Indian handmade products at competitive prices. It offers a wide range of choices under different categories like handcrafted jewelry, toys & games, wall art, home decor items, kitchen tools & gadgets, etc. They also have other related items; if you want something other than Indian handicrafts, you can purchase them by using the combo deals on offer. You can even take advantage of special offers available on these websites to get extra cashback when shopping through your preferred choice.

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