TOP 8 Reasons Why Craftezy is an Importer’s Preferred Platform in India

Handicraft importers across the world face many problems while importing handicrafts from India. The foremost concern that they have is the authenticity of the products. Mass production of handicrafts takes place with the help of machines, filling the global market with machine-made handicrafts. These products might even look better than the hand-made ones, however, they lack the beauty and the elegance that we can see in the creation of crafts made with the skilled and the creative hands of artisans and workmen. Each craft produced by the hands of artisans is unique in design and this is what craft lovers across the world look out for. There are several other problems that need to be addressed. Many handicrafts supplied to the importers come without proper safety and quality checks which makes it tough for the importers to sell them in their domestic market. Importers are also worried about the payments since it is carried on at an international level. To address all these problems of the importers across the globe, Craftezy is here to help you out. It is the leading online handicrafts trade platform based in Ahmedabad, India. The online platform has gained immense recognition over the years and has become the online hub for the imports and exports of Indian handicrafts. Here are the top eight reasons why Craftezy is an importer’s preferred platform in India. 

Table of Contents

  1. Largest Collection of Indian Handicrafts
  2. Trusted and Verified Sellers
  3. Proper Safety and Quality Checks
  4. Secured Payments
  5. Most Affordable Rates
  6. Proper Logistical Assistance
  7. Dedicated Relationship Manager
  8. Supports Local Artisans
  9. Steps to Register and Trade on Craftezy as a Buyer

Largest Collection of Indian Handicrafts

Largest Collection of Indian Handicrafts

Craftezy has the largest collection of handmade crafts coming from the rural and the urban parts of India. It specializes in bringing together the crafts that are fragmented across different geographies of the country. More than a thousand verified and authentic vendors and suppliers have their products listed on the platform. It has been crafted from almost all the categories with more than 5000 products that are exported to more than 20 countries. The team is working together constantly with the artisans to expand the product base by empowering them with the required innovative tools and techniques along with financial help. You don’t have to visit various websites to look out for different categories of handicrafts, Craftezy has it all for you.

Trusted and Verified Sellers

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Craftezy caters to the number one problem of importers – the authenticity of the products, by listing the handicrafts only of the trusted and verified sellers and vendors. Suppliers and vendors go through the proper verification process while registering on the platform of Craftezy. To maintain the trust of sellers across the globe, vendors are required to provide additional proofs including important documents during the process of registration. Over time, Craftezy has created a niche in finding trusted and verified sellers across the country so that you do not have to worry about these things while buying handicrafts from their platform.

Proper Safety and Quality Checks

Craftezy ensures that all the handicrafts that are supplied to the importers are safely and quality checked. This process plays an important part in the supply chain of Craftezy. Proactive safety measures are taken from the artisans’ end before they even start producing the handicrafts. Suppliers and vendors are advised to do a proper inspection of the handicrafts after they are produced by the artisans. Craftezy requires suppliers to submit proper safety and quality certifications around matters like damage, defects, drop tests (if needed), functional tests, and so on. Pre-shipment inspection is also done by the team of Craftezy to ensure maximum safety.

Secured Payments

Secured Payments

Craftezy cares about the convenience of its importers and thus makes sure that a broad range of payment options are available so that they can complete transactions in a way that fits them best. Payment options which include credit card, bank transfer, escrow services, and payment gateways are provided to the importers. All the payment details and data are fully secured and no information related to the credit card or debit card is stored by the platform of Craftezy. The end-to-end encryption process is used by the team to make sure that there are no loopholes from their end. 

Most Affordable Rates

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Craftezy provides importers with the most affordable and genuine rates in the handicraft trade market. Once you select the desired set of handicrafts that you want to import, Craftezy assigns a sourcing wizard which looks after your requests and provides you with multiple quotations within the time limit of 48 hours. The team of Craftezy carries out the process of negotiation on your behalf and helps you get the best deals along with saving ample amounts of time. You can then choose from the quotation that suits you the most. 

Proper Logistical Assistance

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Proper logistical assistance is provided by the team of Craftezy so that the importers do not have to worry about the shipping process of handicrafts. Craftezy has partnered with third-party courier services like FedEx, DTDC, Blue Dart, and so on that ensures that the handicrafts reach your doorstep faster and in the proper condition. You can track the status of your order continuously by visiting your dashboard on the Craftezy platform. Every notification regarding the status of your order will also be provided to you on your registered mobile device.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Craftezy values the satisfaction of the customers and thus, it is committed to helping them out at every stage of the buying process. A dedicated relationship manager is assigned the role of looking after all the grievances of the importers and providing them with solutions at the earliest. Clients across the world have appreciated this service of the trade platform. The team of Craftezy remains in contact with the buyers even after the order gets executed to know about their demands and needs – What category they like the most, what new additions and improvements can be made and so on. 

Supports Local Artisans

Supports Local Artisans

Craftezy believes that artisans and workmen are the real heroes of the handicraft industry. However, most people fail to give the recognition that they deserve. Craftezy is working majorly for the upliftment of the local artisans, craftsmen, and artists. For every order that you place from the platform of Craftezy, a small percentage of the revenue is contributed to providing these artisans with financial aid so that they can improve their standard of living and come up with innovative products. The trading platform also allows you to directly connect with these local artisans so that you can understand your contribution towards their empowerment and upliftment.

Steps To Register and Trade on Craftezy as a Buyer

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The process of registering on the platform of Craftezy is quite simple and can be done instantly. Follow the steps given below to register on the platform and start trading at the earliest.

  • Register Yourself: Visit the platform of Craftezy and register yourself by providing your email address. This process can be completed in a few minutes.
  • Select Desired Handicraft: You can find various handicrafts from different categories. Choose the products that you want to import and add it to the cart. 
  • Ask For Quotations: Ask for multiple quotations by filling the required form with the required details that are asked for. If the price of the handicrafts that are quoted on the website seems reasonable to you, you can proceed further.
  • Get Multiple Quotations: A sourcing wizard will be assigned to look after the requests you have raised. Within the time limit of 48 hours of raising the request, various quotations will be provided to you.
  • Choose the Quotation: Choose from the quotation that suits you the most and then save your quotation and finalize the order. Craftezy ensures that you get the best rates and premium quality products.
  • Fill Shipping Details and Proceed to Pay: After you have chosen the handicrafts that you want to order, fill in the shipping details and then proceed with the payment. Multiple payment options like a credit card, debit card, payment gateways, etc are provided so that you can choose from the lot that suits you the most.
  • Secure your Transactions: Craftezy will look after the production monitoring and conduct various safety and quality checks on the handicrafts before they set out to be shipped. We make sure that your order reaches at your doorstep safely and at the earliest. All the payment details of your order are totally secured and no information related to your debit card or credit card is stored by Craftezy.

Craftezy has been able to become the preferred handicraft trade platform in India because it values its customers a lot. It works extensively for the empowerment of artisans across India and makes sure that each and every craft of the country continues its hundreds of years of a rich legacy. Connect with Craftezy and get the best deals with a single click.

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