Top 5 Digital Platforms To Export Products From India 2022

The Digital Advantage

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In the present age of the internet, we take advantage of digital platforms in almost everything- be it information, entertainment, services, or products. The import-export businesses also have opportunities available to use digital tools for every aspect of the business. These are various online channels and digital platforms available with easy accessibility and an effective support structure that can make a huge difference to the performance and growth of the export business. The digital tools provide resources that help to decide the profitability of export business and how to cater to the demands and requirements of a large variety of customers across the world effectively. The present trend that is already influencing the marketing and selling strategies is the utilization of online platforms. Business today has become more dynamic so access to updated technology is a deciding factor to stay relevant in this changing time.

Update with Knowledge and Information

Update with Knowledge and Information

Indian products are popular and in high demand abroad, so there is a huge potential for export of these products and earning foreign exchange. There is a wide market outside India that needs to be explored and accessed to promote and export products from India. The best way to expand the export market is by reaching more customers worldwide. Traditionally companies found potential buyers through visiting trade fairs, looking for export partners, and setting up physical marketing campaigns. All of these activities would involve high costs and take more time to enter the market and establish as a successful exporter. But by registering on digital platforms, one can start showcasing the products and quickly respond to customers searching for similar products and services in any part of the world. The advantage of digital platforms can be leveraged by exporters to grow their businesses in different countries and territories in a much more efficient manner without involving higher costs. 

A company needs to consider the planning and implementation of suitable strategies based on updated and relevant information. The process starts with product category and customer identification, then applying promotional and marketing activities and responding to customer requirements with effective sales and delivery procedures with convenient payment options. All these need good control and logistics support to bring effective results and remain on the competitive edge. Digital platforms help in providing all support to make the exporters equipped with knowledge and resources that are timely and cost-effective. It enables businesses to reach overseas customers and geographically diverse business operations to contribute to the global value chain.

The Technological Tools

The Technological Tools

The technological tools and techniques have opened up new opportunities for product manufacturers to increase the visibility of their products through an online platform and reach out to more customers globally. It is now possible to reach customers around the globe using online platforms that help in carrying out export activities conveniently and systematically. Registering in such online platforms is a low-cost opportunity and allows suppliers to showcase their products and help to take the products to a global level resulting in more sales through exports. By registering online on such platforms, you can set up a virtual shop with a complete listing of the products for customer information and quickly sell your products all over the world. To survive and progress in this competitive business environment, companies must take advantage of the best options available and move towards becoming international sellers with the support of such digital platforms. There are various online trade platforms where you can register your business for free. It will help in listing all your products attractively and professionally for better visibility to international customers. 

These are the new form of user-friendly digital platforms with e-commerce facilities that give all the necessary support to showcase the products, manage listings, control the order process and get payment through simple and convenient methods. The main objective is to digitize the entire process for convenience to traders worldwide and provide international-level logistics and advanced methods to manage exports for Indian products. This is very much essential for most product manufacturers, as well as customers, to take advantage of e-commerce platforms to export and import products in different parts of the world.

The Digital Platforms

The Digital Platforms

Establishing a business with export orientation can’t be an easy task. The first step is to understand the global markets and the products in demand. This study will give an idea about the right marketplace for your business and the customer requirements in terms of quality and functionality. It becomes more challenging especially if you start with a handicrafts business with limited resources in terms of investment for promotional activities. Also, you need to take care of logistics, use of latest tools and techniques, delivering and manage the export orders smoothly. This is where digital platforms come into the picture to make the operations hassle-free and convenient for sellers. The best possible option for the new exporter is to register with a business-to-business (B2B) digital platform. 

This platform provides a great opportunity to find customers for any product. Through digital access, exporters and manufacturers can join the growing networking communities and create a quality profile and product catalogs that can be discovered by potential customers across the world. It also provides online services in connection with the handling of import and export logistics, facilitates trade formalities, and the real-time exchange of information between trading partners that help to build a sense of trust and reliability. Some of the most popular and efficient digital platforms providing valuable support to export businesses are listed as follows: 

Craftezy - The Best Platform to Export Products from India

Craftezy- The Go to Platform for the Best Handmade Soaps from India

Craftezy is a renowned and authentic digital trading platform that gives added advantage to suppliers for getting better visibility and preference by customers. Craftezy helps to build a brand image for Indian products at the global level offering an environment of trust, reliability, and flexibility while making purchase decisions by customers. It is a user-friendly digital business platform that gives all the support for listing the products, managing the catalog, handling the export order and delivery process, and getting paid through simple and convenient payment methods through an e-commerce platform.

Few Other Platforms to Export Products from India 2022

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  • Exporters India is a B2B digital platform that has huge subscribers including manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters, and service providers. The platform provides facilities of global exposure to suppliers, a virtual showroom of products for customers, and instant response to inquiries by potential buyers. The presence on this platform ensures greater visibility by potential visitors about the product and services. This platform makes exporters a step ahead of the competitors through its comprehensive online business strategies and reliable branding of products.


  • Alibaba is a B2B e-commerce platform that facilitates convenient communication between sellers and buyers, offers logistics services and trade finance for exports, and has suitable e-commerce options. has emerged as one of India’s most popular B2B e-commerce websites offering anyone to buy or sell anywhere in the world. Over the years, it has transformed the way of business as a leading digital business platform in marketing and e-commerce. It provides a convenient and effective way to list the products on this platform and use the e-commerce facilities to start selling the product right away. It’s an effective way to increase product visibility to a wide range of customers all over the world and persuade exports.


  • IndiaMart is an e-commerce company for small & medium size businesses that allows matching of buyers with bulk suppliers worldwide to meet mutual requirements. It is a virtual platform for product promotion and online business in India where buyers from all over the world can check, negotiate and execute buying processes. It also helps to create brand awareness of the products and allows buyers to carefully follow your product details and make purchase decisions accordingly. It is beneficial for suppliers to take advantage of the services of this digital platform that facilitate export activities. It also takes care of issues and challenges associated with the export business.


  • is one of the leading online marketplaces, connecting suppliers and buyers from different parts of the world. The platform enables exporters to showcase and promote their products and allows buyers or importers to search and connect the suppliers for placing the orders. Customers can also post their buying requirements to get offers from manufacturers through this platform. It is a renowned and authentic online trading platform that improves the credibility of registered suppliers to potential customers and improves the chances of getting more export orders.


A detailed understanding of the market opportunity for export business and selecting the suitable international marketplaces for selling the products are important factors in the export business. Promoting the export of these products can bring a good amount of revenue and increase the profitability of this industry. It is necessary to understand how to export activities from India can be carried out efficiently with the support of government guidelines and procedures. To be successful in the export business, the manufacturers must have access to market information and export opportunities.

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