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The Handicrafts Business Scenario

The Handicrafts Business Scenario

India is renowned for its variety of handicrafts. The Handicrafts industry is one of the most traditional and ancient industries in India and has seen steady growth over the years, providing means to earn for many people. Indian handicraft items are in demand both in India and abroad because of their unique creative design and beauty. The industry is highly decentralized and spread across various settlements throughout India. There is a genuine need to promote the export of handicraft products that would bring revenue and help the industry sustain and grow. There are various opportunities available to manufacturers today to plan and implement strategies towards improving their business performance and profitability. 

Handicrafts Home Decor Products

Handicrafts Home Décor Products

The Indian handicraft products are acknowledged worldwide for their creative design, variety, and craftsmanship. There are different types of handicrafts products based on the user requirements and functionality. The two major categories of Indian handicraft items are as follows:

  1. Consumer products
  2. Decoration items

Consumer products mainly refer to utensils, furniture, cutlery, textiles, and other consumer goods that are used regularly. We will focus our discussion on the second category which is concerned with handmade products primarily purchased by customers for decoration purposes in the home. These handcrafted home décor products are sort of specialized items prepared by skilled artisans and not produced on a large scale. As a result, such products become more exquisite and expensive. These products have a special customer base that has an admiration for Indian handicrafts products and mostly prefers such products for decoration of their home or commercial places. They also feel satisfied by possession of such goods as they symbolize India’s rich culture and tradition. The Indian handicrafts industry is fairly large, and it deals with different types of products. But the demand for home décor products has seen steady growth over years probably due to more disposable income among people and willingness to enhance their status by decorating homes with handmade products that creates an ambiance suitable to their lifestyle and trends. 

Expansion of Customer Base for Home Decors

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There have always been emphases on the well-planned marketing strategies to be followed by manufacturers to reach their target customers. Selecting the best and most cost-effective methods help manufacturers to increase profit margins and grow their business. Buyers also look for suitable platforms to get updated information about the product variety and features. Such platforms provide a great advantage to both manufacturers and customers where they can meet, check, negotiate and execute buying processes. There have been initiatives from government and private organizations to arrange trade fairs and exhibitions that give opportunities to the small-scale manufacturers to participate and present their products to a large number of customers. Such trade shows attract customers from different backgrounds and lifestyles seeking some exclusive products for home decoration purposes. In this platform, the prospective buyers discover the range of products, experience their design aspects, and get acquainted with the unique features and utility. 

Such trade fairs are being organized in prominent cities in India thereby allowing sellers to interact with many customers under one roof and get acquainted with their requirements. Technology has also opened up new opportunities for handicraft manufacturers to connect to a larger customer base. Website creation is an effective tool to list and promote the products and bring visitors for making the purchase. Alternatively, there are convenient and effective ways to list handicraft products on an online platform or e-commerce site that helps to reach customers from any part of the country. It is now possible for buyers to reach the manufacturers with the help of online platforms and place orders practically from anywhere without changing their location. 

Virtual Shopping Platforms

Virtual Shopping Platforms

These online platforms basically set up a virtual shop that showcases all types of home décor products with a complete listing that helps buyers to discover the product variety. The online platforms allow both manufacturers and buyers to get access to an open market with accessibility by everyone. Therefore to compete and grow, the handicraft sector must use the advantage of the best available options and an online business platform is one of them. A lot of business enterprises are following the current trend of online and digital marketing channels that bring positive results. It also helps to create brand awareness of the products and allows buyers to carefully follow the product features and make purchase decisions accordingly. 

These platforms also facilitate the order placement and execution process is simple and convenient ways for advantage to the customers. It helps customers to survey and analyze the competitive products, prioritize them and decide on the next plan of action. It is beneficial for suppliers and buyers to take advantage of the services on such a platform that facilitates the buying process. The online platforms allow buyers to select and place orders for their unique handmade items online in simple and convenient ways. They make the purchase at the ease and comfort of their place. So as a buyer looking for handicrafts products like decorative showpieces, customized items, paintings, unique utility items, and other artistic products, one has to register quickly on these platforms and get access to the product listings placed strategically following the customer requirements. The product listing is done professionally considering the products in demand. The aim is to target the right marketplace by meeting the customer requirements in terms of quality and functionality. Handicrafts businesses usually have limited resources but with help of such latest tools and techniques product promotion, sales, and delivery processes are managed smoothly and systematically. The e-commerce facilities help to streamline the purchase and payment procedures that are convenient for both sellers and buyers. 

Craftezy – the Online Marketplace

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Craftezy is one of the most popular and efficient online handicraft trade platforms that aim to digitize the entire buying and selling process for traders all over the world. Acting as a virtual marketplace for handicraft businesses, Craftezy helps to connect with potential customers across the country. This online platform allows sellers to showcase, promote and sell all home décor products and make the earnings without shifting locations. By registering on this platform buyers can get access to the product details and price information. Craftezy offers services to promote products in an open market with accessibility to all types of customers. Craftezy provides all sorts of assistance to take care of all issues associated with the order process and delivery logistics. This helps to carry out the selling and buying process hassle-free and convenient. On the Craftezy platform, there are opportunities available to get regular updates about the products, view modified listings, and follow recommendations on profitable purchases. Craftezy offers a satisfactory buying experience for customers by systematically handling the operations and addressing any sort of bottlenecks and challenges. 

Craftezy has been an efficient trading platform in providing a reliable technological solution to buyers. There are several benefits that buyers can achieve in this platform that facilitates the purchase process. These are as follows:

Maintaining Catalogue: Craftezy regularly reviews and updates the product listings and makes them more relevant to customers’ requirements. 

Negotiating Price: Craftezy offers a variety of options to buyers to make negotiations on direct selling prices. 

Control Ordering Process: Craftezy takes complete control of the order process as all processes are routed through a single account with direct communication between seller and buyer.

Convenient Payment Methods: Craftezy offers customers the flexibility to choose suitable payment methods that are simple and convenient. 

Logistics Support: Craftezy provides good support to plan the logistics related to sales, delivery, and payment processing using advanced technological tools and services.


The customers in today’s marketplace prefer to make purchase decisions by analyzing a large database of supplier and product categories. They look for platforms that showcase various products to choose from according to their requirements in terms of product design, price, and reliability. Being associated with a renowned and authentic trading platform improves the credibility of manufacturers to potential customers who are likely to have a preference for their products. Exhibitions and online channels both give added advantage to buyers to get better visibility of products and discover their special features. Price is a major deciding factor for making purchase decisions, but that’s not all. Most of the customers rely on trust, reliability, and flexibility while making purchase decisions. Indian home décor products have built a brand image with their creative designs, raw materials usage, and artistic touch. 

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