Lady’s Torso Shaped Candle in Black & White, Dark Stormy & Sandalwood




Made in India
Sustainable Materials
Fragrance Candles



Lady’s Torso is a beautiful and unique candle that is hand-crafted in India. This candle is made with sustainable materials and features a delicate fragrance. Choose from three different scents: Black & White, Dark Stormy & Sandalwood.

Made to Order: Yes

Material Description: The beautifully sculpted lady figure reminds not only about the artesian, but even the universal master. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholders, a black and white combination preaches us how complimentary we are

Wax Type: Soy/Veg

Fragrance: Dark Stormy & Sandalwood

Usage: Indoor

Burning Hours: 3-4 Hours

Shape: Body Figure

Style Type: Scented

Values: Organic

Pack Content: 2

Product customization : Yes

Packaging Customization : Yes

Made to Order Max qty : 2000 , Lead time: 1 Months

Made to Order Min qty : 200 , Lead time: 2 Weeks


Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 6.4 × 6.4 × 8.9 cm

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Lady's Torso Shaped Candle in Black & White, Dark Stormy & Sandalwood