How To Sell Handicraft From India To Stores In America And England?

“How to sell handicraft from India to stores in America and England?” if this is what you’re concerned about, worry not. We’ll answer it here in detail! So here you go! India is a land of rich heritage, traditions and cultural diversity. The Indian diversity is rich because of its traditions, culture and customs. This is what exactly makes India unique. Its vast heritage is something the world admires. Indian language, attire, food and handicrafts are all a part of its diversity. Indian handicrafts act as a mirror of its cultural ethnicity. It provides an insight of India’s values, and traditions. Indian artists are really skilled and their art can be seen in the exotic handicrafts prepared by them. These handicrafts are symbolic of the Indian artists creativity skills.  Do you know that India’s handicraft  industry contributes to 40% of the economy? The major handicrafts states of India which are famous for its handicraft work are:
  • Kashmir
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Rajasthan
  • Saharanpur
  • TamilNadu
Table of Content
  1. About Indian Handicrafts
  2. Market for Indian handicrafts in America and England
  3. How to Sell Indian Handicrafts in America and England Online
  4. Steps on How to Sell Handicraft from India to stores in America and England through Online platforms like Craftezy
  5. Documents that are Required to Export Handicraft Items from India
  6. Documents Required to Sell Indian Handicrafts in America and England on Your Own
  7. Factors When Deciding What Type of Handicraft Items to Export
  8. Factors when deciding what type of handicraft items to import
  9. Reliable Sources to Source Handicrafts from India 
  10. Frequently Asked Questions on How to Sell Indian Handicrafts in America and England

About Indian Handicrafts


Indian Handicrafts are valuable as they are a unique expression of a particular tradition. Most of the Indian crafters transfer their cultural heritage through handicrafts in the form of ideas, material, and design. They are also known as artisans, and have their own unique or traditional method to create a particular handicraft. Handicraft has become a part of a much larger world than just sticking to its root. People from around the world have appreciated Indian handicrafts and have started buying it online and offline.

Market for Indian handicrafts in America and England


India is a developing country but do you know that India is the largest handicraft exporter amongst all the other developing countries and its handicraft industry generates second largest employment after the agriculture sector?

Approximately 70,000 exporting houses are promoting handicrafts of India in other countries like America and England. America and England have the highest demand for Indian Handicrafts.

The rural and urban areas of India depend on the handicraft industry as it generates revenue for the same. Not only this, Indian handicrafts offer employment to over 6 million artisans. This is the most traditional and ancient business in India. Let’s have a look at the commonly exported Indian handicrafts:

  • Textile Hand Printing
  • Handloom Shawls
  • Art Metalware
  • Textile Hand Embroidery
  • Stone carvings
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Jute baskets
  • Imitation Jewellery
  • Zari Products
  • Marble Work
  • Leather Footwear
  • Terracotta Goods
  • Paper Mache Craft
  • Wooden Artwares

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India assists and provides incentives to the handicraft industry. It takes care of the handicraft industry and has organized special economic zones in Jodhpur, Greater Noida and Moradabad to export these handicraft items. The Indian handicraft business has seen a drastic change in terms of growth. The export business of Indian handicrafts began in 1986-87, and from then on, the industry started booming with export business. From the last many years (approximately 35 years), the Indian handicraft industry has done a great job and have earned revenue for the Indian Government along with providing earnings to many of them.

The most common destinations in the world where these handicrafts are exported are :

  • The United States of America
  • Europe
  • China
  • Africa
  • UAE
  • South America
  • England

These countries contribute to 60% of India’s export business.

How to Sell Indian Handicrafts in America and England Online?


The answer is simple! You can either make your own website, list your products and spend a lot of money to bring visitors to your website or choose an easy yet attractive way to list your products on an e-commerce site like craftezy to start selling your product in America and England right away. 

You can also sell handicrafts online to international market through various platforms like Ebay, Amazon, and Craftezy

You can sell on Craftezy which is the best and easiest way to sell your handicraft anywhere in the world. Craftezy makes it easy for you to reach your audience in America and England, thereby taking it to a global level. Ultimately you can directly start selling and trading globally without moving from your place.

Steps on How to Sell Handicraft from India to stores in America and England through Online platforms like Craftezy


Step 1 – Create your account. Like any other online platform, you need to create your craftezy account by filling the required details of your business as well as uploading the required business documents.

Step 2 – Start linking your (seller) profile and attach your existing sites with Cratezy portal. It’s easy as all you need to do is to link your existing profiles without creating a new one in a new format.

Step 3 – Your submitted profile will get verified and will be shown to your customers. This step would need basic documents.

Step 4 – It’s time to create your product catalogue with us which makes it look professional. Craftezy reviews it and refine it to attract potential buyers.

Step 5 – Tadaa! You’re all set to share your unique seller id in America and England.

You can sell on Amazon!

You can go to Amazon’s international site and register with your G.S.T. and create an export registration before beginning to sell handmade items in the United States from India.

ETSY is one Option!

ETSY is one of the largest marketplaces in the United States, where you can sell your one-of-a-kind handmade and craft items. On ETSY, you can create a seller account in minutes.The only thing you have to do is:

1) Create an account on ETSY (a marketplace for handmade, vintage, custom, and one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone) 

2) Begin by listing your products.

Documents that are Required to Export Handicraft Items from India

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Certificate of registration from the IEC Code Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts
  3. Registration for Goods and Services Tax (GST) for tax purposes
  4. MSME registration to take advantage of government benefits Trademark registration to protect your brand identity
  5. Statements of bank accounts and other financial documents
  6. Proof of identity and address of the business owners
  7. Evidence of ownership of the business premises
  8. If you want to start an export business, the process can be daunting.

Documents Required to Sell Indian Handicrafts in America and England on Your Own

  1. First and foremost, anyone interested in exporting Indian handicrafts must form a company and obtain a PAN.
  2. They must then register with the Director-General of Foreign Trade in order to obtain a unique 10-digit Import Export Code (IEC)
  3. Furthermore, in order to take advantage of government benefits and other incentives, businesses must register with their respective Commodity Boards and Export Promotion Councils. Similarly, under the Companies Act of 1986, the Indian government established the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts. Furthermore, the EPCH is in charge of promoting, protecting, and increasing the overall export of Indian handicraft items.
  4. Furthermore, once they have all of the necessary documents, businesses can begin looking for buyers in foreign markets. Companies must use government agencies in other countries to locate contacts and vendors.
  5. Finally, in order to complete order fulfilment on time, businesses will need to collaborate with a reputable shipping company. They may also need to use a customs housing agency to expedite customs clearance and avoid unnecessary delays.

Factors When Deciding What Type of Handicraft Items to Export


Business owners must consider the following factors when deciding what type of handicraft items to export:

  1. An overview of Indian handicraft items for export
  2. Market history, past trends, and projections for the future
  3. Export statistics are used to determine a competitive price for the product.
  4. Look into Indian tariff law.
  5. Additionally, communicate with other exporters and industry experts to identify the best vendors and buyers.

Reliable Sources to Source Handicrafts from India to Stores in America and England


Let’s check out a few of the top exporters of Indian Handicrafts.

Export House Names


The handicrafts Handloom exports corporation of India

TolStoy Marg, New Delhi

Sakura Handicrafts 

Paharganj, New Delhi

Sanjay Exports

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Aadish Handicrafts

Sector 13, Rohini, New Delhi

Salar Overseas

Moradabad, UP

Neha Export House

Panipat, Haryana

M/s Finesco International

Moradabad, UP

India’s handicrafts rich and exotic high quality features attract demand from both domestic and international markets. This is why India is the major exporter and supplier of handicraft in America and England and platforms like Craftezy have made it more easy and convenient for sellers to simply register and start selling their handicrafts globally.

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Sell Handicraft From India To Stores In America And England


Q1) Where can I sell my products globally?

Answer) There are many online marketplaces like Craftezy to let you sell your products overseas. We have created a list of such marketplaces who are third party sellers and help you conveniently sell your products in the international market.

  • Craftezy
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Shopify

Q2) What kind of craft do people in India make?

Answer) India is rich in its incredible history and culture. Every Indian region has a special craft technique displaying its tradition and art. From Rajasthan miniatures to Kalighat in WestBengal India has a diverse art culture. 

Q3) Can you sell handcrafted Indian products on Craftezy?

Answer) Yes, Craftezy is an easy, simple and convenient online platform to register your portfolio and start selling your handicrafts online to a global audience.

Register with Craftezy as a Seller click here

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