How to Export Fragrances from India to Other Countries in the World for Free?

Humans have a natural attraction to fragrances. It gives a soothing experience, refreshes the mind, and creates a comfortable environment. When used as a personal care product, it represents your beauty and style statement and makes you more presentable to others. It also gives an idea about the choice and taste of an individual by knowing his/her preference for the fragrance. Fragrances and perfumes are closely associated with the grooming habits of individuals and have become an essential part of daily life. India is a country with a rich diversity in flora and fauna and can produce organic fragrant materials which have unique characteristics. These fragrance products have great demand and are a part of the handicraft industry in different parts of the world. India has had a rich tradition of producing and using fragrances since historical times. 

The earliest fragrances in India were introduced through Ayurveda, which recommended the use of aromatic herbs and plants for the purpose of beauty, hygiene, and treatment of ailments. People across the world are aware of Indian fragrances that are made from organic ingredients and have specialties that are unmatched. Indian fragrances are gaining popularity across the countries. The reason behind the increase in demand for fragrances among various groups of people is the growing trend of personal grooming, enhanced lifestyles along with an increasing preference for luxury and exotic fragrances.

The Demand for Fragrance

The Demand for Fragrance

The growth of the fragrances and perfumes market is primarily driven by changing fashion trends. 

  • The manufacturers are focusing on developing exciting, unique, and new fragrances to attract different consumer groups across the world. Fragrances serve various purposes to different people. 
  • It creates an atmosphere of warmth and a pleasant emotion that’s why it is used in aromatherapy and other treatments. 
  • Perfumes with natural fragrances give a feeling of ‘close to nature. As more people in overseas countries are becoming conscious about health and well-being, demand for Indian fragrances is on the rise. Premium fragrances are mostly preferred in North America and Europe. 
  • The Asia-Pacific region has the fastest-growing market for fragrance in the global picture. The fragrance market is expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years due to rising personal care, brand awareness, increasing disposable income, and affordable price of fragrance. 
  • This traditional fragrance industry in India has seen major developments in recent years with better accessibility and wider consumption patterns in the handicraft industry.

The Available Opportunities in the Indian fragrance industry


The Indian fragrance industry is one of the largest in terms of production and usage. The fragrance markets offer promising opportunities for growth through exports to foreign customers to earn revenue. Being a part of small and medium scale industries, it has a great potential to contribute a lot to the development of the Indian economy. As a manufacturer of fragrance products, one has to develop his business and build capabilities to reach a wider audience across the world to sell his products. It is very much necessary to highlight the special product features, benefits, and cost compatibility to a global audience. It would likely generate export orders as there is a high demand for fragrance items in other countries of the world. Since it is a small-scale industry with low capital investment, maintaining costs is very important to survive and grow. So there are fewer possibilities that fragrance manufacturers can withstand major costs involved in the export of their products. There have been some initiatives on the part of the government to reduce the burden of cost for such small-scale industries. Export duty for cosmetics is levied by the government when the product is exported from India to other countries. There are also options of getting capital finance up to a certain percentage of export invoice value that provides valuable support to the export business. Implementation of various schemes and interventions by controlling authorities to support the export of Indian small-scale products has also benefited the industry significantly.

The Online Platform and E-Commerce Facility

The Online Platform and E-Commerce Facility

A detailed understanding of the market opportunity for export business and selecting the suitable international marketplaces for selling the products are important factors in the export business. 

  • The present trend that is already influencing the marketing and selling strategies is the utilization of online platforms and the application of e-commerce facilities. 
  • E-commerce has become an effective approach for both large and small businesses to represent almost all products and services on online platforms. Having a strong e-commerce presence can increase efficiency while minimizing costs. 
  • You can export to international customers directly through e-commerce, and earn the revenue without the involvement of any other intermediates sharing the profit. 
  • For example, a customer in an overseas country sees the product on the website and places orders. You export the product and get payment in your bank account.
  • E-exporting is the practice of receiving and processing orders online from international customers. These platforms offer digital features that are far more advantageous than traditional exporting approaches. 
  • Online services are becoming a preferred option as a large section of consumers find them as better alternatives than retails. Fragrance and cosmetic brands are reporting e-commerce sales at a much higher level than the typical process.

A digital advantage for global exports with Craftezy


Business today has become more dynamic so access to updated technology is a deciding factor to stay relevant in this changing time. 

There has been more focus on the digital channels for marketing and branding of products to ensure engagement of more customers across the globe. 

Craftezy is one of the leading online trade platforms that provides support for product promotion and export business. Once you register yourself in this portal as a seller, it gives all the necessary support for creating and running a successful export business. 

Craftezy is one of those service providers who can help you with the product cataloging and listing process for customer response. Subsequently, it provides support for carrying out your exports successfully using e-commerce facilities. 

The registration in this online platform is free. After that, you have access to advanced tools and services that help you to showcase the products professionally so that the visibility of your product increases. While surfing this portal, the potential buyers can get informed about the product features, benefits, and functionalities along with the pricing. 

You will receive the order online and then make arrangements to deliver your products. Craftezy makes it convenient and hassle-free to export the products internationally without any challenges. Customers are provided with flexible payment options and you are paid accordingly on completion of sales. 

The entire process doesn’t involve any major investment or expenses. Craftezy takes care of logistics which is a very important factor for successful exports. Craftezy works on a commission-based model with minimum charges which allow product manufacturers to join and sell their products with no added cost. 

Craftezy provides a virtual platform for customers and sellers to meet, choose, compare, negotiate and finalize the deal for exports. 

This is a marketing platform that helps product manufacturers present their products to a global audience. It also provides other services like free listing of products, logistics support, and payment assistance with access to international markets. All these facilities are provided without putting any burden on suppliers.

Evolving New Marketing Strategies

Evolving New Marketing Strategies

Some of the biggest advantages that are achieved from online platforms are the facilities to find new customers in overseas countries, build brand awareness, access new markets, monitor real-time sales, and execute export orders in a low-cost manner. They systematically track customer feedback to understand what customers are searching for. This would help fragrance manufacturers to improve their products, add more features, and make those customized according to customer requirements. Some of the most sought after and popular fragrances are Indian tuberose, jasmine, sandalwood, etc. which are exported everywhere because actual Indian-compounded fragrances are considered as standalone products in the world market. Successful exporters of fragrance are continuously working on these factors to influence consumer purchase decisions. The rising influence of online methods and virtual interactions has a great impact on the marketing strategies adopted by manufacturers. With the increased involvement of online methods in marketing and sales, it becomes easier to track the changing preferences of customers. Accordingly, manufacturers regularly update product features to boost the sales of fragrance items. 

Sustaining the Demand Structure

Sustaining the Demand Structure

Innovative and unique ideas in product manufacturing can drive business growth. Thorough market research and analysis of customer profiles can guide manufacturers to make decisions about the product type, features, and functional requirements. India has the adequate resources and expertise to produce premium products in the fragrance category that can immediately draw customer attention. The fragrance items are considered to be sensitive as it relates to the personality and attitude of a person. Hence there is always a demand for premium products that creates a sense of self-esteem and satisfaction in the mind of the user. The Indian fragrance manufacturers have to take advantage of this mindset of customers to project their product as premium and can charge price accordingly so that input costs are recovered through sales with high profit margins. 

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