Handicrafts Expos of 2022 You Must Know About

The handicrafts products from India are gaining popularity all over the world for their unique design and craftsmanship. These products have been the pride of India and symbolize India’s rich tradition and culture. Promoting these products in the world market can bring a good amount of revenue and increase the profitability of this industry. To be successful in the business, one needs to gather sufficient information about the customers – their choices and preferences and then plan the marketing strategies accordingly. Indian handicraft products are in high demand, so there is a huge potential for export of these products and earning foreign exchange. But still, there are some gaps in terms of expanding the customer base in India and abroad mainly due to the decentralized nature of this industry located in different parts of the country. It is very much necessary to bring all such handicraft manufacturers on a common platform where they can showcase their products and highlight the product features and uniqueness. These common platforms can be digital (craftezy) as well as can be conducted offline in the form of handicrafts expo. There are numerous benefits of these platforms such as:

  • This common platform can bring all the handicraft manufacturers close to each other and help to build a sense of security and togetherness. 
  • They also come to know the potential markets for their products and how to cater to their demands and requirements. 
  • Such common arenas where the manufacturers can present their products are the digital handicrafts platforms, handicrafts fair or exhibitions or Expo on a large scale.
  • Here all handicraft suppliers from different parts of the country gather together to showcase their products to a large variety of audiences and execute real-time sales or receive orders for exports. 
  • The greatest advantage of the expo is that it provides an opportunity to build connections between various handicraft manufacturers, gives an idea about the competition scenario and pricing structure, and provides information about customers’ requirements and expectations of quality standards. 
  • On the other hand, the expo provides an opportunity for potential customers to check, select, and make purchase decisions about the product of their choice. This facilitates the product promotion to a wide range of customers and opens ways of earning revenue.

The Upcoming Handicrafts Expos of 2022

The Upcoming Handicrafts Expos of 2022

The handicrafts of India represent the integrity, style, and beauty of Indian culture. Indian handicrafts have been admired by the world for centuries for their ancient, diverse, and rich history. The handicrafts of India are creative expressions in the form of diverse raw material and design characteristics. Moreover, handicraft products are the result of immense effort and skills of the artisans’ community spreading across different corners of this country that preserved and perfected this culture through generations. Each type of craft represents the local flavor, culture, and artistic values that need to be acknowledged. The ultimate objective of these exhibitions or fairs is to provide opportunities for this industry to grow and expand, earn revenue, and bring changes in the lives of millions of people involved in the work of making handicrafts. The focus of these trade fairs or expos is to integrate the diverse profile of manufacturers in a common arena to increase their customer reach and promote business and export activities at the international level. Here we will mention some of the important handicrafts expos that are going to be organized in the year 2022 in India.

Indian Handicrafts and Gift Fair

Indian Handicrafts and Gift Fair
  • Indian Handicrafts and Gift Fair (IHGF) is amongst Asia’s largest handicrafts fairs held biannually in Delhi NCR. It is organized by Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) which is the apex body to promote handicraft exports from India. IHGF has been the hallmark for the growth of the Indian handicrafts sector for many years. This fair is an important platform to showcase India’s leading handicraft products for home, lifestyle, fashion, textiles, and furniture categories. This significant and distinct initiative can be viewed as a one-stop sourcing solution for retailers, importers, wholesalers, and design professionals. It provides comprehensive information to national and international customers about the entire range of handicrafts made in India and helps to establish liaisons between Indian handicraft exporters and foreign buyers. 
  • The upcoming edition (spring) of IHGF will be held at India Expo Center in Greater Noida from 2nd to 6th March 2022. Thoughtfully conceptualized, the IHGF Delhi Fair Spring 2022 will bring everything you need to know about the handicrafts of India. The event ahead will be bringing a choice of over 2000 products and trend-specific design developments from exhibitors all over India. 
  • The different segments will encompass the vibrant display of a complete range of utility, decors, gifting, and fashion accessories made by handicraft artisans of India, with an artistic finish in perfect balance of modern and traditional designs. IHGF Delhi Fair Spring 2022 is a distinctive business platform for importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, fashion designers, potential franchises, export companies, and others. The second edition (autumn) of IHGF will be held in July 2022 at the same venue.
  • Since its inception in 1994, IHGF has provided an extended business platform to small & medium exporters and has been able to mark its presence as a one-stop sourcing event, especially for international buyers. The success of this trade event is attributed to its ability to create a platform where suppliers and customers interact efficiently and professionally. The EPCH as the organizer always aims to improve these interaction opportunities with each successive event and IHGF Delhi Fair Spring 2022 is another significant step in this direction. The event will showcase home, fashion, and utility products by about 1500 manufacturers across the country. 
  • Overseas customers including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain will participate in this event. The fair is scaled down to fewer participants as compared to earlier years. This is due to maintaining the covid protocols of social distancing and other regulations as imposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Indian Government. All necessary safety protocols regarding trade expositions will be followed such as thermal scanning and hand sanitization machines, color badge wise entry, mandatory face mask use, medical facilities, and isolation centers at the venue. 
  • Extensive promotion and publicity campaigns are being carried out on both offline and online platforms to make the event a success. A sense of interest and enthusiasm has already been observed surrounding the event. The handicrafts industry is mostly decentralized and location-specific, so IHGF is the best platform to bring all of them together in front of a larger audience and get acknowledged. This would give this small cottage industry a great exposure to the outer world and boost demand for these products among different sections of people.

Gifts World Expo

Gifts World Expo
  • The changing profile of the urban population and family structure has increased the demand for home décor products as an integral part of building up a home. This segment of handicraft products focuses on developing attractive items in exclusive forms and designs. Handicrafts are a symbol of art and culture and have been considered as the preferred option when it comes to gift items irrespective of the occasion. 
  • Gift exchange helps in strengthening the connections and develops positive vibes between people that encourage better performance in every sphere of life, be it social or family-related. Gift exchange has become a way of expressing gratitude, rewarding efforts, and building goodwill among employees and clients. Moreover, the right choice of gift serves as a message to show concern and empathy towards an individual. The handicrafts industry has been setting new benchmarks by delivering various types of gift items. 
  • The Gift World Expo is meant to display a mix of decorative items, handicrafts, and lifestyle products from a cross-section of manufacturers of India. All the products are of high quality and perfectly suit the purpose of gifting options. There will be sections dedicated to cater needs of corporate gifting solutions, or gifts meant for an occasion or celebration. A separate segment will also focus on the collection of gifts relating to the moods of different festivals. 
  • Thousands of clients from all over India and abroad have trust in this platform because of its commitment to quality and best services. This event will showcase a huge variety of unique, modern, traditional, and trendy gift ideas that are suitable for business or other needs. The Gift Expo will be held in Bengaluru at the Palace Grounds from 24th -26th January 2022 and again In Delhi at Pragati Maidan from 28th -30th July 2022.

The Gem & Jewellery India International Fair (GJIIF)

The Gem & Jewellery India International Fair (GJIIF)

This is a mega one-stop jewelry trade show to be held in Chennai from 25th -27th March 2022. This event will allow the domestic and the global gem & jewelry sector of handicrafts an excellent business opportunity to promote and sell their products. People are becoming more fashion conscious which has increased the demand for uniquely designed jewelry among different sections of people including fashion designers, professionals, and celebrities attached to the entertainment industry. The handicrafts pieces of jewelry are becoming a new style statement for many foreign nationals and non-resident Indians living abroad. This fair aims at providing an opportunity to both manufacturers and buyers to showcase and purchase the best of products in the handicrafts jewelry segment.


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