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We enable sourcing for global retail brands by connecting them to reliable manufacturers, powered by a robust supply chain`


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Craftezy makes sourcing convenient for you. We want it to be worth your effort, so we go the extra mile.

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Over 5000+ buyers like you trust us with their business requirements. We’d love it if you can hop on the wagon too.
Over 5000+ buyers like you trust us with their business requirements. We’d love it if you can hop on the wagon too.
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You get upto $3000 line of credit with us. Repay within 60 days of placing your order.

What clients say!

It was so tiring to go from one seller to another finding the handicrafts that I needed. Then I heard about this website ‘Craftezy’ that would handle all my work for me! It sounded too good to be true, but went ahead and gave it a try anyway. The site was easy enough to navigate and handicrafts sourcing was really easy.

Buyer, Canada

I found in the search bar. They confirmed they work with sellers and artisans in India to help them increase their sales. “We connect you with our global customer base of credible buyers.” — that’s all I needed to hear. I’m a seller on Craftezy now.

Seller, India

As a buyer I’m always looking for new and interesting things to buy, but it’s hard with my busy schedule. That’s why when a co-worker told me about Craftezy, a website which had all these handmade crafts from India, on one site… well it changed my life! I run my business and i have all the help I need.

Buyer, UK

As I continue to sell my crafts online, reaching an international market was pretty much out of reach. Not any more, thanks to Craftezy. For an Indian glassware seller like me, I’ve found the perfect solution.

Seller, India

You have to check out Craftezy — one of our clients actually told us about it and they seemed knowledgeable about the company.  It didn’t take long at all before we scoured the website. I placed an order for my requirement and had it delivered. Been chatting about Craftezy since then. Perfect for buyers like me.

Buyer, France

Heard about Craftezy and started selling our metalwork products on their platform as well as offline. Soon enough, everyone wanted to buy from us because the prices are fair and Craftezy would deliver anywhere in the world for us!

Seller, India

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