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It is our constant mission to connect buyers from all over the world to visit Craftezy and buy from a pool of authentic sellers and best quality products, crafted exquisitely by the creative master artisans of India and sold by handcraft artists and sellers in the constantly evolving handicrafts market.Craftezy connects global buyers and local sellers without having to worry about logistics, payment issues, transactions, safety, negotiation, etc. Craftezy does them for you with precision, rationality and accuracy.You could be an indie maker, an independent wholesaler, shop owner selling unique handicraft items or an e-commerce seller, join us in the endeavor to be an exclusive online destination for all your requirements.

Our values

Craftezy is incredibly passionate about supporting artisans, artists and local craftsmen who constantly produce innovative products. Craftezy opines that the artisans who make handicraft products, home décor items and other antique items are the real heroes and trendsetters of our houses and the handicrafts industry at large. Craftezy believes that we as a community have an obligation, to give it back to the hands that make these creative and artistic handicraft products. Thus, for every purchase that you make from Craftezy, we contribute a small percentage of our revenues to the local artisans and craftsmen to help them improve their standard of living. As a means to this end, Craftezy also connects you with the artisans and craftsmen directly in order for you to know your contribution towards empowering artisans and generating livelihood.


Largest collection of

crafts from India

simplify the handicraft trade for
buyers and sallers across globe

  • Seamless digital process
  • Automated Product sourcing
  • One-Stop-Salution for handicraft traders

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Verified sellers

Finding verified and trusted
handicraft sellers from India is our niche.

Digitised Process

We connect you with the right
sellers, minus the hassles -- all online.

Faster Quotations

Get quotations from various
sellers, faster.

Hassle-free Negotiations

We'll negotiate on your behalf
with the sellers you choose.

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